Kändisar som Andreas Carlsson, Anders Limpar, Tobias Karlsson och Jan Johansen Andreas Carlsson har gjort sin hårtransplantation på Poseidonkliniken i StockholmKändisar som Andreas Carlsson, Anders Limpar, Tobias Karlsson och Jan Johansen Andreas Carlsson har gjort sin hårtransplantation på Poseidonkliniken i Stockholm
Celebrities such as Andreas Carlsson, Anders Limpar, Tobias Karlsson and Jan Johansen have had their hair transplants at Poseidonkliniken in Stockholm.

We have been specialising in the implanter method since we introduced the technique to Sweden in 2011.


Poseidonkliniken Stockholm is Sweden's No. 1 hair transplant  clinic and our doctors have performed thousands of procedures.


Man 60 years of age with good conditions. The pictures were taken less than a year apart. Read more…



The first and most important step in a successful hair transplant is a personal consultation where we plan and tailor the procedure to your individual needs, conditions, and expectations – to be able to give you the best result possible. We offer consultations on weekdays. You can also send us pictures which we will follow up with a phone call.

Anders Limpar och Jan Johansen ha


From 1 September 2021, Swedish law places formal requirements on hair transplant procedures to ensure that clinics uphold a good medical quality and standard of hair transplants. The law states that hair transplants may only be performed by doctors with a Swedish medical license issued by Socialstyrelsen (The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare). A Swedish medical license is issued automatically to medical doctors with a license from a country in EU (EU medical doctor). Doctors with a medical license issued in a country outside the EU are tested to make sure that their level of training corresponds to Swedish medical school before they can receive a license to practice medicine and perform hair transplants in Sweden.

A clinic that performs hair transplants must also be registered at Institutet för Vård och Omsorg (IVO). IVO keeps a record of all the clinics registered so that they can easily be checked. If a clinic breaks the new rules, IVO can ban the clinic from performing treatments where this new law applies.

At Poseidonkliniken hair transplants have always been performed by Swedish medical doctors with a Swedish license ever since the start in 2011. Poseidonkliniken is registered at IVO and meets all the requirements in the new law. Poseidonkliniken also has liability insurance.


At Poseidonkliniken the price of a treatment is always based on the desired end result of the treatment.

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Poseidonkliniken will give you a written guarantee that you will get a natural looking result that will make a big difference.

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Poseidonkliniken is located in nice and modern offices in Stockholm with a lovely view of the water at Nybroviken.

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After the treatment you can go home and return to normal everyday life. 
The traces from the procedure will disappear in a week and the new hair will start to grow right away.

During a hair transplant we take hair from the back of the head and move it to areas on the scalp that are affected by hair loss. At Poseidonkliniken a treatment only takes a few hours.

A successful hair transplant requires high precision and an esthetic eye. The hair follicles need to be placed close together so that it will not be possible to see that the hair is implanted.

– Our treatment is so gentle and simple, and suits people with the most busy life styles who are not able to take time off for a couple of days in a row to have a treatment done, says Gustaf Bodin, founder of Poseidonkliniken. Poseidonkliniken has performed thousands of hair transplants and is the first choice of celebrities like Andreas Carlsson, Anders Limpar and Jan Johansen.

For best results, it is important that the doctor uses a precision instrument that is easy and effective to work with. With the implanter pen the doctor can place the hair follicles close to each other without running the risk of damaging already placed or existing follicles with the instrument.

Bli tilfreds med ditt håravfall


Poseidonkliniken performs the most hair transplants in Sweden.

Gustaf Bodin på Poseidonkliniken i Stockholm

we can treat your YOUR HAIR LOSS

Half of all men experience genetic hair loss. Hair falls off in different cycles and can start early or late in life. Genetic hair loss usually slows down or stops completely as the levels of DHT that causes hair loss diminish. The only way to guarantee more hair is to have a hair transplant. The result will always be dependent on the individual patient’s conditions. The number and quality of hair follicles that grow in the donor area will determine how extensive the treatment can be, which is something we will evaluate during the initial consultation. That is why the consultation is such an important part of the whole procedure.



At Poseidonkliniken we only use approved and medically proven micro surgical techniques that produce a natural result and do not require any recovery or down time. Poseidonkliniken is the only clinic in Sweden that performs hair transplants using micro surgery.

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Poseidonkliniken was started in 2011 as a medical specialty clinic for hair transplants. We quickly became Sweden’s no 1 clinic, performing the most treatments in the country. Since the start we have performed thousands of treatments.

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The first step to a great outcome is an individual consultation where we plan and tailor the treatment to your individual needs, conditions, and expectations -  to achieve the best result possible.

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A hair transplant is a simple, safe and effective treatment to get more hair in areas affected by hair loss or thinning.

To achieve a natural looking result, the doctor performing the hair transplant needs to have experience, skill and an esthetic eye. The result is completely dependent on the performing doctor’s skill and expertise, and that the doctor can place the right type of hair follicles and strands in the right place to guarantee a natural look. If any of these things are lacking, it will certainly lead to an unnatural looking hair growth at the hair line. The doctor also needs to have the medical expertise to evaluate a patient’s medical conditions to have a hair transplant. It is important that the doctor can say if a patient’s health status is a contra indication for the treatment, or poses a risk that the treatment will not be successful.


To determine if you meet the requirements to have a hair transplant, it is important that you consult a specialist clinic with experience and expertise in performing hair transplants.

The first thing we need to evaluate is if your hair loss is genetic or has other causes. Hair loss develops gradually and usually starts at the temple areas, continues at the crown of the scalp and then moves forward towards the upper and front part of the scalp. Hair loss usually occurs in seven-year cycles, and people that lose all their hair usually began losing their hair before they hit 30. Genetic hair loss can be treated with a hair transplant.

If the hair loss is not genetic it can not be treated with a hair transplant.

If the hair loss is genetic, the clients individual conditions need to be evaluated to be able to predict what type of result the client can expect from the hair transplant. Results depend on several factors, which are especially important when treating the hairline. Hair that grows in the donor area can have a coarser texture. An important step performed by Poseidonkliniken is to examine each removed hair follicle using a microscope. That way we can make sure that the right hairs can be placed at the hair line to ensure a natural look.

The design and placement of the hair line is an important detail to achieve a natural looking result. A hair line that is too straight or too low will change a person’s look in a way that is very hard to visualize in advance.

It is important that the doctor that performs the hair transplant knows what a natural hair line should look like to make sure that the hair growth pattern looks good immediately after the hair transplant, but also in the future if the hair loss continues. We do not advise telling the doctor “do what you think will look best”, because you and your doctor might not have the same view of what “looks good”. The doctor should also be able to communicate what results the client can expect from the hair transplant based on the client’s individual conditions.
Poseidonkliniken has a clear philosophy about how a hair transplant should be performed and how hair should be placed. We may therefore sometimes choose to decline a client a hair transplant if the client wants a placement or design that will risk changing the clients look, and that Poseidonkliniken views as unnatural. A hair transplant should produce a long term improvement of your looks, that will last as you age.

The consultation should also provide the client clear information about how the treatment will be performed, both in terms of the method used and the medical aspects of the procedure, but also aftercare, rehabilitation, how the result will change and develop over time and when the client can expect a complete result.

A physical in person consultation is always the best choice, but we can also arrange for an evaluation of your conditions and prerequisites based on pictures with a follow up phone call consultation. If the conditions are difficult to assess, we will need to do an in-person consultation before you can book a treatment.

There are almost no contraindications for having a hair transplant. But regardless, the client always needs to declare their health status and any medication taken. Sometimes a client might need to take a pause from taking their medication while the hair transplant is being performed, but this is not very common.

Tobias Karlsson och Gabriel Forss har gjort sin hårtransplantation på Poseidonkliniken i Stockholm

The podcast duo talks about their hair journey with Poseidonkliniken

The famous dancer from Let´s Dance, Tobias Karlsson, and the artist and choir leader Gabriel Forss, have both done their hair transplants at Poseidonkliniken.


Poseidonkliniken only uses the FUE method / implanter method for hair transplants, and it has been our specialty since we introduced the method to Sweden in 2011. Hair transplants by FUE is a minimally invasive microsurgical technique where each hair follicle is extracted one by one from the donor area. Every hair follicle unit leaves an excision point which may be visible when the hair is shorter than about two or three millimeters. With a hair length of three millimeters or more, it is not possible to see or feel that a hair transplant has been performed.

It is a fact that hair follicles may shed their hair strand after a hair transplant. In this case, the follicle enters a resting phase which can last up to two to three months. After that the hair follicle will start to grow a new hair again.

The hair follicles that will be used in a hair transplant are retrieved from the donor area at the back of the head and at the sides. The hair that grows below the crown is not affected by DHT and when it is placed on the crown, the hair stays there for the rest of your life.

If too coarse hair strands are placed at the hair line the result of the hair transplant will look unnatural. Dense hair of hairs that are too thick will not look good at the hair line either. When comparing hair transplant clinics, you should look at how natural the hair line looks after a hair transplant. The hair line should have soft and thin hairs and get thicker and thicker where you want more density. You can easily see this effect on the before and after pictures on our website.


It is very important to have realistic expectations of the result of a hair transplant. A treatment will not be able to restore your hair growth as it once used to be when you were young, and it is not possible to achieve perfect density where the hair is placed. Poseidonkliniken’s philosophy is that the hair transplant should improve but not change your look, and that the aim should not be to get the hair back to as it once was. The reason for this is that the hair growth that you used to have will most likely not suit the way you look today. The face ages and adopts a different shape. The hair must look natural with increasing age and it is not worth taking the risk that the way you place the hair today will make you look bad in the future.



Poseidonkliniken was started in 2011. We are located in nice and modern offices at Nybrokajen in Stockholm with a beautiful view of Nybroviken bay.
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