The best thing I have done since I started loosing hair

Poseidonkliniken guarantees safety, precision and expertise. And the result is always natural and future proof.
– 99 percent of our clients are extremely happy with the result after just one visit. We also offer clients that are not completely satisfied a free guarantee treatment – which usually leads to 150 % satisfaction, says owner Gustaf Bodin.

– I am so glad I had a hair transplant at Poseidonkliniken, I recommend everyone that is thinking about doing it to just do it, says the former Swedish professional footballer and legend Anders Limpar.

Half of all men experience genetic hair loss. Hair loss happens in stages and can start both early and late in life.

At about 50 years of age, hair loss normally slows down or stops completely when levels of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – which is what causes hair loss – decreases.

The only way to guarantee more hair is to have a hair transplant.

– The result of a hair transplant will always depend on the client’s individual conditions. The number and quality of hair follicles that grow in the donor area will determine the possible size of the transplant. This is evaluated during a consultation. The consultation is a very important part of the whole process, says Gustaf Brodin that runs and owns Poseidonkliniken in Stockholm.

Gentle and quick treatment
Poseidonkliniken, with a view over Nybroviken bay in Stockholm‚ was started in 2011 and today performs between 30 and 40 hair transplants every month. The clinic has done more than 2,000 treatments and uses the most modern and refined instruments on the market today to give the client a gentle treatment experience with a great natural looking result. All parts of the procedure are performed by a medical doctor. One of them is Arpad Toth.

– We use the so-called implanter method which is a micro surgical technique. It is a gentle and quick procedure and the traces after the treatment disappear after only a few days, and the result looks natural and lasts long term which means it ages well with the individual, says medical doctor Arpad Toth who has worked at the clinic since 2012 and performed thousands of hair transplants.

Individually tailored treatments
Our aim is to enhance our clients’ appearance in a natural way. It is not about the number of transplanted hair strands, but rather about the result of the treatment as a whole.

– We spend a lot of time on the consultation and to go through what can be expected from a treatment together with the client. It is really important that the client feels that they can trust us and that they have received enough information when they are having a treatment with us. Everyone’s conditions and prerequisites are different, but I can say that almost everyone is very happy with their results, says medical doctor Arpad Toth.

During a consultation or a personal meeting, the treatment is individually tailored based on the client’s own conditions and expectations, to achieve the best result possible.

99 percent satisfied customers
Our customer satisfaction is more than 99 percent after only one visit at Poseidonkliniken, but it doesn’t end there.

– Poseidonkliniken gives every client a written guarantee for a natural result that will make a big difference. We guarantee that at least 90 percent of the implanted hair will remain on the scalp. And if a client would for some reason not be satisfied with the result, and we can see that the result can be even better, the client will get another treatment for free until the client is satisfied, says Gustaf Bodin.

– We want everyone to be happy and after having the second guarantee treatment, clients are usually 150 percent satisfied.

Limpar chose Poseidonkliniken
One of the men – and women – that have chosen Poseidonkliniken to improve their hair loss is former soccer star Anders Limpar.

He is a midfielder that has played in both the Olympics and World Cup for Sweden and has a long career as a professional soccer player in Switzerland, Italian Series A and the US MLS, but he is perhaps most known for his success in Arsenal. In the UK he became both League Champion, FA Cup Champion and Cup Champion, and represented Arsenal, Everton and Birmingham City.

In 2002 Anders retired as a professional soccer player.

– I have never really had a huge problem with my hair loss but I still wanted to have a bit more hair on the top of my head because I did not like having thin hair, says Anders Limpar.

”Wanted a bit more thick and dense hair”
Typically genetic hair loss starts at the temples, continues over the crown and then forward towards the hairline. The last hair that falls off is usually the hair that grows most in front in the middle of the hairline.

During a hair transplant we extract hair that grows in the back of the head and move it to the areas on the scalp that are affected by hair loss.

– I hadn’t lost all my hair, I just wanted to have thicker hair. Today, when there are effective and simple methods such as the one Poseidonkliniken uses, the procedure is very quick and easy. That is why I chose Poseidonkliniken for my hair transplant, says Anders Limpar.

The hair grows back right away
At Poseidonkliniken you can have a hair transplant done in a couple of hours, and after the treatment you can go home and live life as usual. The traces from the procedure will disappear in a week and the new hair will start to grow right away.

– Our treatment method is very gentle and quick, so it suits anyone who leads a busy life and does not have time to take days off work to have a treatment done, says Gustaf Bodin at Poseidonkliniken that has performed thousands of hair transplants and has treated celebrities such as Andreas Carlsson, Anders Limpar and Jan Johansen.

”Pain free procedure”
Anders Limpar had been thinking about doing something about his hair loss for a while, but it was first when he found Poseidonkliniken’s website that he decided to book an appointment.

– I thought that the procedure was going to hurt, but it was completely pain free, says Anders.

Today you don’t need to be a celebrity to improve your hair at Poseidonkliniken, everyone is welcome here. And a few years after having the treatment Anders Limpar only has positive things to say about his hair transplant.

– I am so happy I did it. I was very well taken care of at the clinic and they are so professional in everything they do at Poseidonkliniken.

– I would recommend everyone to just do it, if you feel like your hair is getting thinner. You won’t regret it, says Anders Limpar.

Future proof your hair
If you want to do something about your hair loss, there is now a solution.

A clinic in Stockholm that can give you a natural and age neutral result with great precision and expertise.

A procedure that is almost completely pain free and only takes a few hours – and where you get a guarantee that you will get the result you have agreed upon.

– At Poseidonkliniken our clients get a great looking natural result that stands the test of time, says Poseidonkliniken’s owner Gustaf Bodin.


The first step to a successful hair transplant starts with a personal consultation where we design and tailor the procedure according to your needs, conditions and expectations - to achieve the best possible result.
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