You should not be able to spot a successful hair transplant. For a long lasting natural look you have to take the natural proportions of the face, the clients age and the type of hair loss into consideration.

The result should be age neutral, says Gustaf Bodin, founder of Poseidonkliniken in Stockholm that has treated celebrities such as Andreas Carlsson, Anders Limpar and Jan Johansen.

By removing the hair follicles from the donor area on the back of the head you can move them to an area that has been affected by hair loss. You can’t remove too much hair because the donor area does not have an unlimited number of hair follicles. If the hair loss continues there has to be enough hair left to have more transplants down the road.

– Hair loss occurs in stages and everyone does not lose all their hair. Hair loss always starts at the temples, then continues on the crown of the head and then moves forward. The last hair that falls off is the hair furthest in front, at the hair line. If you have taken too much hair from the donor area and filled in the temple area or lowered the hair line too much, then there may not be enough hair left to place in the areas behind. That can make everything look unnatural, says Gustaf.

That is why Poseidonkliniken always assesses in which stage your hair loss is in, where it is headed and then we design the hair transplant to suit your specific needs, conditions and esthetic aspects.


We use the FUE and implanter method 
Poseidonkliniken removes each hair follicle individually from the donor area using the FUE method with a special FUE instrument. This way, hair follicles of the right quality can be removed depending on where they are to be placed. Then they are placed in their new places with our unique implanter pen. With other hair transplant techniques, the hair follicle is placed with tweezers in a small incision in the skin. There are several benefits with the FUE and implanter method compared to the traditional hair transplantation methods, says Gustaf.

– The puncture site from the implanter is immediately enveloped by the skin which gives a fast healing process and the traces from the procedure are gone after a week. The hair follicles take root and start growing right away and you will be able to see the result after just six months. The small incisions used in traditional FUE techniques heal slowly and cause stress on the hair follicles. It can take several weeks before the traces from the procedure are completely gone, and many of the hair strands are shed and will not start to grow until two or three months later. It can then take more than a year to see the finished result.


A natural result
A hair transplant at Poseidonkliniken only takes a few hours and you can go home the same day. First, the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area. Each hair follicle is examined under a microscope and sorted based on quality, thickness and where they will be placed. The hair follicles are then implanted according to a pre-determined design that will give a long lasting and natural looking result. The right type of hair is placed at the hair line to make the hair line look completely natural and then you place more hair moving backwards.

– The treatment is so gentle and quick that it even suits people who lead a busy life and are not able to several days off work to have a procedure done. The traces from the procedure will be gone after a week, the hair will start growing right away and we will guarantee a good result. Our medical doctors are specialists in the field and work full time performing hair transplants. We use the most gentle instruments on the market and we are experts at achieving natural looking results, says Gustaf.


The first step to a successful hair transplant starts with a personal consultation where we design and tailor the procedure according to your needs, conditions and expectations - to achieve the best possible result.
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