The Power of the Growth Factor

The interest in hair transplants has exploded recently and today the market offers modern and refined methods that are quick and easy to perform with minimal down-time. At Poseidonkliniken, artists and businessmen are on the waiting list to have their hair transplant done, and since 2016 the clinic has increased its revenue by three hundred percent.

Nowadays I never have to think about my hair when I am on stage or in social settings. I have always had good self-esteem, but it has become even better after the hair transplant, says artist Jan Johansen that had his hair transplant at Poseidonkliniken in 2015.
Today it is totally acceptable to have a hair transplant. The method has been improved during the last years and it is now so simple and gentle that you can have the treatment one day and go back to work the next day. The traces from the procedure will disappear after a week and in some cases you don’t even have to cut your hair to have the treatment.
– I had a booked gig nine days after the treatment which I did not want to miss, says Jan Johansen. I was a bit worried that people would be able to tell that I had had a hair transplant, but the redness was gone after seven days, just like they said, so it was never a problem. Being an artist, I would be devastated if the result was not natural or looked bad. But with this great result, no one can tell that I have had a hair transplant.

FOR A SUCCESSFUL hair transplant it is important that the hair line is made to look appropriate for the person’s age and the natural proportions and appearance of the face. The result needs to work long term as the person ages and only enhance a person’s looks, not change the way you look. You should therefore be careful about lowering the hairline or completely erase the temple indents. The improvement should be elegantly and discretely done and the result should be natural and keep looking good with increasing age.

A hair transplant should enhance the way a person looks – not change their appearance.

– We want our customers to receive compliments that they look healthier, better and maybe a bit younger. But the improved looks should be associated with a healthier lifestyle, says Gustaf Bodin the founder and owner of Poseidonkliniken in Stockholm. If there is even the slightest risk that the placement of hair that the person wants could produce a result that would not look natural and work long term, we will not perform the treatment. We would consider it a failure on our part if the client would regret having a hair transplant in the future.
It is clear that the hair transplant market has a strong growth factor. Poseidonkliniken has since 2016 increased its revenue by three hundred percent and this growth has continued during 2020.
– Our philosophy is adapted to the natural process of hair loss, which I think is key to us being the leading and most successful clinic in Sweden today, says Gustaf Bodin and continues. We want to give our clients more hair every day of the week which is why we do two treatments every day including weekends and holidays.
– We are also seeing more clients coming to us not just from the rest of Europe, but also from areas such as Los Angeles. It shows that our concept also works abroad, and we will start an international expansion during 2020. Los Angeles is one of the cities we are looking to establish a local clinic.


The first step to a successful hair transplant starts with a personal consultation where we design and tailor the procedure according to your needs, conditions and expectations - to achieve the best possible result.
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