There is nothing bad about having a hair transplant. With the expertise and the modern methods available today you can be sure to get a natural looking result. More and more people are having hair transplants.

Click on the celebrities that have more hair now than before and you will see a selection of famous actors that have gone from having little to a lot of hair. Not all of them have had a hair transplant, but in most cases that is the only reasonable explanation. The last one is tennis player Rafael Nadal who had a hair transplant in 2016, and it will be very interesting to watch his result over time.

In those cases where we can assume that the person has had a hair transplant it is hard to determine which method has been used to implant the hair (i.e. to place the hair on the scalp). What we do know, however is that if they would have chosen to have their hair transplant at Poseidonkliniken, they could have been back in front of the camera within a week from the treatment day without any visible traces of the transplant. That is what is so unique about the implanter method that Poseidonkliniken uses for hair transplants. Artist Jan Johansen had his hair transplant done at Poseidonkliniken and was back on stage just ten days later.

At Poseidonkliniken you will get a natural looking result
Besides Jan Johansen many Swedish actors, TV personalities, rockstars, politicians and male models have had their hair transplants done at Poseidonkliniken. Usually, we see between two to four of our clients every time we turn on the TV. But their result is so natural that only we know that they have had a hair transplant. A natural looking result is achieved by knowing exactly which type of hair follicles that should be placed on which part of the head depending on hair quality, strand thickness and structure. You can get a bad result if only a single hair of the wrong type is placed at the hairline at the front. It takes a lot of time to achieve this level of expertise of being able to pick the right type of hair strands.

Which celebrities don’t have a natural looking hair transplant?
At Poseidonkliniken we are extremely perfectionistic when it comes to making the hairline look natural. We have enlisted the help of fashion photographers, hair stylists and male models to learn everything we can about placement, quality and the type of hair that should grow at the hairline for a natural look. With this expertise and knowledge we can therefore easily see if someone has had a hair transplant. Where an untrained eye is not able to see if the celebrities that have more hair now than before have had a hair transplant, we can just look at the after pictures to see if the result looks natural or not. Can you spot them?


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