All staff at Poseidonkliniken
is vaccinated against Covid-19

Poseidonkliniken’s policy to prevent the spread of infection:

Poseidonkliniken is a medical clinic that has a strict policy for preventing the spread of infection. Regardless of all staff being vaccinated against Covid-19, the following rules apply:

Our staff that performs treatments are medically trained doctors and nurses, well aware of the risk of infection and procedures to prevent the spread of disease. All of our staff stays in private homes and not in a hotel or similar accommodation during their stay in Sweden or in their home country.
Everyone, both clients and staff, that shows any sign of symptoms that could be caused by a virus, will not be allowed access to the facilities.
A face mask and examination gloves are an effective way to prevent the spread of disease. Clients that are having procedures done wear a face mask to protect the staff. All people that enter the facilities should wash their hands regularly for at least 20 seconds and apply disinfectant before and after moving around in the facilities and having touched door handles. This is done upon arrival to the clinic. There is disinfectant available outside the main door. All surfaces in treatment rooms are cleaned and disinfected and sterilized by medical staff before and after each treatment. This eliminates the risk that external cleaning staff could spread the virus while cleaning the rooms. Cleaning is also done with hydrogen peroxide to kill the virus. All surfaces and seating areas in offices and waiting rooms are sterilized between each consultation.
Only treating staff, i.e., doctors, nurses and the person having their treatment are allowed in the treatment rooms. All equipment and instruments used are sterilized. Most of the equipment used is disposable. Everyone that has visited our facilities are asked to contact us immediately if they suspect having been infected if symptoms arise within 14 days from a visit.


Poseidonkliniken was started in 2011. We are located in nice and modern offices at Nybrokajen in Stockholm with a beautiful view of Nybroviken bay.
Monday - Friday 09 AM – 5 PM
Nybrokajen 5, 111 48 Stockholm