Studies show that men worry more about losing their hair than about their finances, their love life or finding a partner. Here you can read how a few famous and some not so famous men feel about losing their hair and how having a hair transplant has changed their life.
Foto Tobias Karlsson | Hårtransplantation | Poseidonkliniken


– I am very happy with the result. I did not think it would mean so much, but it has really improved my quality of life, says dancer Tobias Karlsson who has done two hair transplants at Poseidonkliniken.
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Anders Limpar 7 månader efter hårtransplantationen


– I had heard that you can’t exercise for several months after a hair transplant, which would have been a problem for me since I workout almost every day. But with the method I chose for my hair transplant at Poseidonkliniken, I was able to start exercising within a week after the procedure.
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Andreas Carlsson tog hårtransplantation på Poseidonkliniken i Stockholm


– If you want to do something to improve your looks then a hair transplant is a great option. Feeling good about yourself is important, and if more hair will do that for you, then I think you should definitely have a hair transplant.
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Jag hade aldrig trott att det skulle göra så mycket för min självkänsla och självförtroende som behandlingen gjort.


– Having a hair transplant has definitely made me feel more comfortable when I am on stage. I would have never thought that it would have such an impact on my self-esteem and self-confidence as is has.
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– Of course I mainly did the transplant for myself, but I do think it has helped me to get more modeling jobs. Family and friends all say they love me just the way I am, but that was not enough for me. Losing my hair affected me negatively and I really wanted to do something about it.
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Gustaf Bodin


We talk to Gustaf Bodin who started Poseidonkliniken when he was not able to find a clinic in Sweden that could perform a hair transplant with the implanter method.
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– I have never had a huge problem with thinning hair, but it did annoy me. So I decided to do something about it.
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At Poseidonkliniken we only use approved and medically proven micro surgical techniques that produce a natural result and do not require any recovery or down time. Poseidonkliniken is the only clinic in Sweden that performs hair transplants using micro surgery.
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Poseidonkliniken was started in 2011 as a medical specialty clinic for hair transplants. We quickly became Sweden’s no 1 clinic, performing the most treatments in the country. Since the start we have performed over 1,200 treatments.
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The first step to a desired result is an individual consultation where we plan and tailor the treatment to your individual needs, to achieve the best result.
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Poseidonkliniken was started in 2011. We are located in nice and modern offices at Nybrokajen in Stockholm with a beautiful view of Nybroviken bay.
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