As a perfect companion product to our hair transplants, Poseidonkliniken now offers hair fibers that are perfect to effectively and easily hide thinning hair. Poseidonkliniken’s hair fibers are organic and very easy to use. Poseidonkliniken Hair Building Fibers are used to effectively hide areas on the scalp with thin hair in only 20 seconds. Poseidonkliniken’s hair fibers contain 22g and will last for a whole month. The hair fibers are negatively charged which make them adhere immediately to your own hair strands making your hair thicker. Your hair will look more dense in a natural way and no one will be able to tell that you are using hair fibers. Because Poseidonkliniken’s hair fibers are organic they will not stain or leave a residue.


Poseidonkliniken was started in 2011. We are located in nice and modern offices at Nybrokajen in Stockholm with a beautiful view of Nybroviken bay.
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