Rock solid hair!

Jan Johansen and Anders Limpar have both had their hair transplants done at Poseidonkliniken. We invited them to ride the roller coaster at Gröna Lund to test their new hair.

– I was a bit scared that my hair would blow off, says artist Jan Johansen jokingly. Jan Johansen became famous with the Swedish hit “Se på mig” and today he makes music together with writer Camilla Läckberg who writes the lyrics.

– But it didn’t move, it’s rock solid! Anders Limpar concludes. Anders is a soccer legend who has won seven titles with Arsenal and a World Cup bronze medal.

During his active career Limpar did not receive many red penalty cards.

– My last red card was from my wife. She said I have to do something about my hair because it is getting really thin, says Limpar.

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A gentle procedure
Both of them are very happy that they had a hair transplant, but they were a bit worried that it was going to hurt.

– I thought having the procedure would “hurt like hell”, but it did not hurt at all, says Anders.

– Yeah, I didn’t feel a thing, says Jan who had a gig planned just four days after the treatment, where he needed to be on stage performing in front of an audience.

– Being an artist, my voice and my appearance are my biggest assets. My hair transplant has really boosted my self-confidence, and today I am able to relax much more than before, says Jan.

But you don’t have to be a celebrity to have your hair done at Poseidonkliniken.

– Go for it! If you feel that your hair is becoming thinner, just do it, says Anders Limpar, who is still very happy with the result two years after his hair transplant.


Typically, genetic hair loss starts at the temples, continues down over the crown and then forward again towards the hairline. The last hair that falls off is usually the hair that grows at the front in the middle of the hairline. During a hair transplant we extract hair that grows in the back of the head and move it to the areas on the scalp that are affected by hair loss. At Poseidonkliniken you can have a hair transplant done in a couple of hours, and after the treatment you can go home and live life as usual. The traces from the procedure will disappear in a week and the new hair will start to grow right away.

– Our treatment method is very gentle and quick, so it suits anyone who leads a busy life and does not have time to take days off work to have a treatment done, says Gustaf Bodin at Poseidonkliniken that has performed thousands of hair transplants and has treated celebrities such as Andreas Carlsson, Anders Limpar and Jan Johansen.


The first step to a successful hair transplant starts with a personal consultation where we design and tailor the procedure according to your needs, conditions and expectations - to achieve the best possible result.
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Poseidonkliniken is Sweden's No. 1 hair transplant clinic and our doctor's have performed thousands of treatments. Read more about hair transplants.
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